Posting and Commenting

Posting and Commenting are important parts of this community.

We are creating a Learning Community so you will be expected to create blog posts and comment on the work of other bloggers.

On this site we will observe the protocol below:


Posts should meet the criteria given with each assignment and model good grammar and spelling. Proofread!

Write with your audience in mind (be clear and concise, include not only facts, but your own reflections and opinions – be clear about which is which)

Encourage a discussion a discussion with your readers!  Ask questions of your reader.  You want to solicit comments and create dialogue.

If you used outside sources or readings, use hyperlinks.  



Do not skim and scan someone’s blog and then compose a quick or superficial response.  Skimming and Scanning is a way to see whether or not a post deserves a deeper read but do not ‘crank out’ a response that only causes unnecessary confusion because you did not give the post a good read.

Use each other’s names. Using a person’s name when you respond to his/her postings creates a friendly online tone and establishes a relationship with your readers.

Be considerate, stay open minded and listen to all ideas presented. Remember there is no right or wrong in a discussion. A variety of perspectives are needed to stimulate reflection.

Respond instead of reacting. Do not write a response if you are angry or upset about someone else’s ideas. Calm down, collect your thoughts and then compose your response to the blog post.

Compliment your peers when they post creative suggestions, helpful responses or contribute original ideas to the conversation.  You want to be appreciated,  so you should show your appreciation for good ideas.

Ask questions. Blogs are a way of conversing with one another. If anything is unclear or you want further information or insight on a topic, just ask. If you have a question, there are probably other readers who are confused as well.  You want to be clear and asking a question is the best way to get clarity.

When respectfully disagreeing, use I statements and not we, they and us statements. Sharing an opposing opinion or idea is an important part of discussion, but it needs to be presented in constructive manner that encourages further discussion and is representative of your personal thoughts.

If you feel that critiquing is necessary; critique the content, not the person.

Try using these Comment Starters to help you compose your comments:

  • I respectfully disagree with that idea Chris. I see it this way..…
  • Don, your insight into this matter is surprising…
  • Tasherra, your comment made me think about….
  • Frank, although I think that you make a strong point that_________________________, I think…
  • Martin, I had not thought about that…
  • In contrast to Michelle’s point…
  • Kim highlighted some key ideas when she said…
  • Mark, can you clarify your statement that…
  • Monica, your post reminded me of…
  • Thank you for sharing…
  • Great point, DeShawn. Have you also considered…?
  • Tiffany your point is valid, but I try to…
  • Building on LaSheika’s statement that….

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