I Tweet for NABSE

I am a TwitterHolic and Tweet often.  To help promote the Youth Symposium and ideas that are relative to young adults, I am following Socially Responsible Tweeters and ReTweeting information, tidbits and resources.

Student Bloggers

Hello Fellow Educators,

I am Valerie Burton, an English Teacher from Jefferson Parish Schools and I blog.  I require that my students blog.  I feel that the tools of the 21st century have allowed us an unlimited amount of potential to reach young adults.  Blogging is a way of starting online conversations about important issues. (Or issues that are important to them although they might not see important to us.)



On this blog, you will find varieties of topics for your students to respond to.  I want to open up a forum that allows students across the area to begin to share and reflect about their lives and the world around them. 

How young is too young to graduate?

Most states require that young people stay in school at least until age sixteen.

The laws are supposed to keep students in school long enough to get the education they need to survive as adults. What are the benefits and what are the drawbacks of such laws for students, their families, and their communities? Write a response in which you discuss the pros and cons of the laws. Draw on personal experiences as well as information gathered from our readings.

REMEMBER: YOUR RESPONSE NEEDS TO BE 50-75 WORDS and a thoughtful reflection on the topic.

Believe in yourself


Many people have faced hardships in life and refused to give up.

Think of a time in your life when you faced obstacles or setbacks but kept trying. What were the circumstances? What kept you motivated? How did others help you?

Compose a paragraph response to the above topic.  To receive credit it must be a complete and thoughtful response.  Hint, Hint, Hint – be sure to do some pre-writing first and No textspeak.  Thanks.

What does education mean to your family?

Every family has a different attitude toward education.


What is your family’s attitude about education?

Why does your family feel that way?

How does their attitude affect the way you feel about and perform in school?

How does it shape your own ambitions as a student?

Write a response in which you talk about three causes or effects of your family’s attitude toward education. Use examples from real life as well as from your readings.

REMEMBER: YOUR RESPONSE NEEDS TO BE AT LEAST 75 – 50 WORDS and a thoughtful reflection on the topic.